Restaurant & Café

Stadtalm, the restaurant and cafe in Salzburg has for every Opportunity the suitable offer. Doesn't matter if you're hungry or not, if want to enjoy just a coffe with pastry or cakes and strudels or if you want to have a Celebration/Party.
We're serving typical austrian food, fresh salads, homemade pastries and different daily specials.

Opening times


January and february:
Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm

March-April: open daily 10am –6pm, Wednesdays closing day!

May from 9 May  10am - 10pm, Sundays to 7pm clock

June: from 10am - 10pm, Sundays to 7pm clock

July and August  10am - 11pm

September - October: 10am – 18 pm

November, December 10am - 6pm 

December 24 Closed !!!!
Opening Times are not only decided by the owner but are depending on the weather. If its raining all day or from the morning we're taking a day off and the restaurant is closed. For celebrations or parties we open the restaurant for you (minimum 20 Persons).