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Stadtalm - The mountain lodge of Salzburg City

Located in the heart of the city of Salzburg, it still offers a very countryside-authentic and idyllic atmosphere.
The natural-park Moenchsberg is THE recreation area for the people of Salzburg and also very popular for tourists.

Nice beergarden with panoramic view over Salzburg

You'll have an amazing view over the old town of Salzburg from the beergarden.

From there you can see Mozart&Co from a different view and track your ways between the visited sights again.

With a little help from our staff, who kindly answers several questions about salzburg

Restraurant with an amazing view over Salzburg

The authentic-austrian restaurant with a fireplace and our wintergarden, the best part of the comfortable guest-room, offers space for up to 50 people.

The Stadtalm is a very beautiful destination and attraction, no matter how the weather is. Far away from the rush in the Getreidegasse and the city. Salzburg from above - no matter if you'd like to enjoy breakfast, coffee and cakes or dinner, Stadtalm is the perfect location to enjoy typical culinary austrian and regional specialities.

Everybody's restaurant in Salzburg

No matter if you're young or elderly, from town or somewhere else from the world, tourist or business-traveler, you'll feel good in our house.

How to get to Stadtalm!

You can walk up (10 min from the festivalhouse), take the elevator (Moenchsbergaufzug) or take a cab.